I, Barry Mansfield, have had an idea of creating a skate company for a very long time. After I met Nadiia, my girlfriend and co-owner, it felt really organic to start something together considering our common ground in music, photography and art. 

One evening I saw Nadiia's linoprints spread out on the floor of our new apartment, they were very strong graphically and straight away I visualised them on the skateboards. The name appeared to us simultaneously not long after while watching a photographic documentary on Bill Cunningham. The doco was paused and we jumped right into illustrator to create a logo and a few mock up boards. 

We had a couple of ideas for the board designs using scans from the old books or found images but then we realised that keeping it original is the only way of doing it right. 

The concept is to inject love and time into our boards using linoprints as the main medium. We both grew up listening to punk rock and hardcore so DIY ethic is really engrained in us. First series has a board with Ian Mackaye on it as an acknowledgment of his influence on our lives. We contacted Dischord Records to ask the permission and not long after he sent us a postcard encouraging us to keep rolling. 

The second range is now out and our boards are being distributed in all the shops here in Perth and over east. 

At the moment it's a two men team including myself and Fabien Zuffo (owner of the new coffee shop "Smooth Operator").

Thank you all for your ongoing support and inspiration.

Barry and Nadiia xxx

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